Kim Ronk, Relationship and Sex Therapy

A registered nurse, clinical counselor and sex therapy specialist, Kim can help you and your partner have a happier, more fulfilling relationship.

Before you consider seeking help for your sex or relationship issues, you might be wondering what a sex therapist can do for you, and whether therapy can be of help?

Is Therapy For Us?

If you're wondering whether therapy can be of help to you, then be reassured. No matter how hopeless a situation seems, therapy can be a major step forward.

Kim Ronk is a couples' counselor in Cincinnati. Find out more about her services

There is still a social stigma attached to therapy for some people. For others, the big hurdle to get over is admitting there's a problem. No therapist can help if you can't reach that conclusion.

It takes at least one person in a relationship to recognize an issue before any progress can be made.  Intimacy fears, many sexual myths, and misinformation are common and cause sexual issues within the relationship.

Individuals and couples grow and often times relearn sexual behaviors and become educated regarding healthy sexual beliefs. Contact me to find out more.

What a Sex Therapist Can Help With

Sex therapy is appropriate for anyone experiencing a problem with their sexual health and those who want accurate information regarding relationships and sex.

Physical and emotional problems can create a circular chain of events. Anxiety from not getting an erection one time causes the erection to fail more.

In this case it is not a problem with the physical "working" of the penis, it is an emotional cause where therapy is your answer.

Medical assessment and treatment is warranted at times. A multi-system approach is utilized with every client. This assures that the best treatment will be provided.

Examples of problems that are treated in my practice are:

If your particular issue is not on the above list, then don't worry. The simplest way to find out whether I can help is to contact me. I guarantee confidentiality for all my clients.

Sexual counseling for couples by Kim Ronk

I Want To Get Help, But My Partner Won't

It is absolutely normal for one person in a relationship to be in denial about a problem, and for their partner to seek help alone.

If this describes your situation, then don't wait forever for your partner to change their minds. They probably will not.

Contact me right away. The path to opening up a dialog with your partner may come from them seeing the progress you are making on your own.

One thing's for sure. The problem is not going to get better by itself. Sexual problems do not remain status quo they get worse. Know this as you are here looking for help.

Many sexual issues seem insurmountable. Don't live your life unhappy. I'm here to help.

Kim Ronk
Cincinnati, OH